Episode 18: On-Call Engineering: How to do it and smile

Episode 18: On-Call Engineering: How to do it and smile
  • Intro to the topic and Charity Majors
  • What is on-call even? And why does it exist?
  • Our Experiences with on-call?
    • When did we start? How many years, some stories about our past and why we are talking about it 
  • How to onboard to on-call?
  • Can it be done and actually be positive? 
  • What causes on-call to be negative then?
    • What are the steps that can be done to improve it? 
  • What is incident management?

Charity Majors is the CTO of Honeycomb.io@mipsytipy on Twitter, and blogs at https://charity.wtf/

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Music credits: Dan Lebowitz: Come and Get It! Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

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