Episode 24: QA, Automation, and everything in between

Episode 24: QA, Automation, and everything in between
Episode 24: QA, Automation, and everything in between

Noa Tamir and Alaa Sarhan speak with Rony Lahav about the role of QA and Automation, Why do we need QA people (or why developers shouldn’t be the only testers), Different Test – Component, Integration, System, E2E and we try to understand: Is Manual QA dead?

We also touched on:

  • Automation is a software project
  • when should testing/QA stop? / what kind of bugs / edges cases are fine to be ignored or not covered?
  • QA vs. Product Acceptance. How much do they conflict, and do they complement each other?
  • what areas QA covers on top of “functional”: performance, accessibility, usability, fault tolerance/recoverability, etc.
  • In presence of QA team/role, what should Software Engineers test?
  • Tracking data quality: tracking QA, and Functional QA (OSS tool from King https://github.com/king/tratt-api)
  • Phases of QA: development, build, release, on-call
  • What QA and TE gets that devs, PMs, and DS don’t get and what do we get when there are better collaboration and comms
  • Team testing

Music credits: Dan Lebowitz: Come and Get It! Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 

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