Episode 15: What is Product-minded Engineering? What are Product-minded developers?

Episode 15: What is product-driven development? What are Product Developers?

Daniel Rüdiger Senior Product Manager at Delivery HeroAlaa Sarhan Fullstack Engineer at Doodle (yes yes! the doodle you send your friends when you are trying to arrange a movie night at your place) and Raz Shuty Director Of Engineering at Delivery Hero are having an episode without Yael and Noa, and trying to figure out, what is product-driven development? What is this new trend called Product-Developers?

We mentioned in this episode

  • What is product-driven development?
    • The development team is involved in finding the best solutions to solve business problems instead of just implementing them
    • Detached from “What” by Product and “How” by Tech
    • Value outcome over output
    • Opposite: Feature Factory(?)
  • What are Product Developers?
  • Why product-driven development?
    • Pros
      • Have many (smart) people solve a problem instead of just one/few
      • Most people more motivated by being involved in “what” is being built
    • Cons
      • Highly specialized people “waste” time on topics they are not expert in
      • Overhead of storytelling, getting everybody involved (?)
  • Discussable questions
    • How to handle a high-output software engineer in a product-driven development team?
    • Is product-driven development the evolution of cross-functional teams?
    • What’s the role of a product manager in a team of product-driven developers?
    • If product-driven development focuses on “product output”: What’s your opinion on trying out new technologies (for the sake of trying out new technologies)?
  • Alaa’s blog posts:

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